19 10 / 2013

Iker Casillas

12 7 / 2013

Hey guys! Together with people from the biggest Real Madrid accounts on Twitter like RMFutbolOnline, RMadridInfo, RealEsparta, etc, I have put together a magazine for you to know everything about the team on this upcoming season. Let me know what you think and spread the love!

19 3 / 2013

Day 2 of the FIFA week break: Sami Khedira left the German training injured. The severity of it is unknown. Iker got the green light and he is back to training normally with the team. 

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08 1 / 2013

Hey everyone! 

I’ve written a new blog entry which has been perhaps my most popular one around my followers on Twitter and it has received a very warm welcome. Of course, it is about Real Madrid but it is a tad different. 

I invite you to take a look


I just hit 1 000 views in less than 24 hours so I’d figure it was actually good and worth sharing!

Take care

07 1 / 2013

07 1 / 2013

The FIFA/FIFPro XI of 2012

The FIFA/FIFPro XI of 2012

26 12 / 2012

Rookie of the year: http://poll.pollcode.com/just62_result?v

Goal of 2012: http://poll.pollcode.com/q7htns_result_duplicate

Best off the pitch Madridista: http://poll.pollcode.com/1qyxtq_result_duplicate

Striker of the Year: http://poll.pollcode.com/3namt3_result?v

Midfielder of the year: http://poll.pollcode.com/o8a9ji_result?v

Defender of the year: http://poll.pollcode.com/w54cg3_result?v

Goal Celebration of the year: http://poll.pollcode.com/3uulae_result?v

Best hair: http://poll.pollcode.com/53n5t6_result?v

Bromance of the year: http://poll.pollcode.com/oslxcx_result?v

23 12 / 2012

Real Madrid Christmas

16 12 / 2012

Real Madrid 2-2 Espanyol: anger, frustration and disappointment.

The race is only over when you stop running.

Hasta el final, VAMOS REAL

14 12 / 2012

Presentation of Partido X de la Ilusion 

13 12 / 2012

Iker Casillas through the years in Real Madrid (1999-2012)

Iker Casillas through the years in Real Madrid (1999-2012)

10 12 / 2012

Sergio Ramos presented his book - In the presentation he expressed his desire to retire in Real Madrid - Mesut, Khedira, Cristiano, Iker, Pepe and Morata attended the event

05 12 / 2012

Unlike other years, this year the UEFA is counting RETWEETS as part of the voting system of the UEFA Team of the Year. Yes, you read that right! 

SO LET’S GET RTing and spreading the word! It’s a way to give back to our players who work their asses of to bring us happiness all year round


PEPE : https://twitter.com/ChampionsLeague/status/276468509536579584

IKER: https://twitter.com/UEFAcom/status/275958150774009857

XABI: https://twitter.com/ChampionsLeague/status/276382154995421184

CRISTIANO (he doesn’t need help lol): https://twitter.com/ChampionsLeague/status/276267000320380928

MESUT: https://twitter.com/ChampionsLeague/status/276045504410943488

SERGIO RAMOS: https://twitter.com/ChampionsLeague/status/276010416860176384

Please spread the word by reblogging this post! HALA MADRID

29 11 / 2012

Cristiano Ronaldo in the TOP 3 for the Ballon D’Or

Jose Mourinho in the TOP 3 for Coach of the Year

Nominated for the FIFPro XI of 2012: Iker Casillas, Pepe, Sergio Ramos, Marcelo, Xabi Alonso, Luka Modric, Mesut Ozil, Karim Benzema & Cristiano Ronaldo